Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So we've had these chairs on our deck for 3 years, sure they're really faded from the sun, but they're still comfortable and still do their job. 

However, this year the squirrels finally discovered our padded chairs and decided to take the filling that they needed to build their nests!  This happened to my sister's patio chairs a couple years ago and I was surprised that our lasted this long without being destroyed. 

Not only did they trash one chair...

 But they thought it was necessary to destroy a second one just for good measure.

We don't have the money to buy new chairs or new covers this summer, so I guess we'll have to suffer through the rest of the season staring at these poor things.  If I were a professional seamstress I would try to make some new covers, but alas I'm am not.  Bummer!

If anyone has any secrets to keeping squirrels away from padded lawn furniture, I would LOVE to hear them!.


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