Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crown Molding...2 Years Later

Yes, you read that correctly.  We have had the crown molding for our master bedroom sitting in the basement for almost 2 years!!  Apparently we've had a lot going on...or we my husband isn't very good at completing projects in a timely manner.  He always has good intentions, but when it comes to actually following through with projects, he could use a little work!  Sorry honey!  Love you!

But none of that matters now because just last week, my father-in-law came over (thanks Mike) to help us complete the hanging part of the project.  It still needs to be caulked and painted, but it's almost there!  And I must say, it looks sooooooo good!  A million times better than it did before.  I'm so happy that it's finally hung I could seriously do a happy dance, but since I'm hugely preggers I guess I'll pass this time.

Here are a couple of before photos.  Do you see how we didn't paint all the way to the ceiling...well that was because we took down trim posing as crown molding that was hung by one of the previous owners and found wall paper underneath.  Just one of the many surprises we were left to discover in this house!  The wall paper had already been painted over many times, so there was really no way of removing it.  The molding did a great job of covering up the evidence though.

 We're really not sure what the people who did this and all the other home improvement mistakes around here were thinking.  Was it pure laziness or did they really think they knew what they were doing and didn't once bother to any home improvement research?!  I mean I'm all for learning as you go, but I also think it's super important to take the time to make sure that you're doing things correctly.

Here is an in progress picture.
Don't you think it's looking better already?

And here are the "after the hanging" pictures.  Remember, we still need to caulk and paint the trim and the ceiling.

Once the molding is finished and the room is all put back together I'll be sure to post more after photos.  Hopefully that will all get completed this weekend.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New "Electronic" Baby

No, we haven't actually had our human new baby yet, but I did get my other new baby delivered to my doorstep yesterday.

I've been saving up for a while and been patiently waiting for the right price and the right time to purchase it.  Well, the time had come.  I really wanted to get it before the baby was born.  Not only to take thousands of pictures of our kids, but also so that I could really start learning how to use it to it's full potential before fall arrives. 

I chose this particular camera based on a recommendation from Alissa over at 33 Shades of Green.  I emailed her quite a while ago (like almost a year!) because I thought her pictures were so amazing and I had to know what kind of camera she was using.  So she gave me the lowdown on her camera and also referred me to http://www.kenrockwell.com/

Ken is a professional photographer who reviews camera equipment for all skill levels.  This is the SLR digital camera that he recommended.  He also offers advice on websites to purchase cameras and camera equipment. 

I ended up getting an amazing deal and am so glad that I waited around for so long before buying it.  It was a huge purchase and I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing.  I couldn't be happier!!  I've already started practicing and am so in love with everything about it!  I can't wait to start using it for all my blogging photography!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Make A List

I am one of those types of people who likes to make lists for everything.  I like to be able to see what I have to do and then be able to cross off the things I accomplish.  Well this year I thought it would be fun to make a list of summer activities that we want to do with Hudson and the new baby.  I was inspired by an idea I snagged from Pinterest as well as a project that I saw on Eighteen25 last summer which you can find here.  Mine isn't fancy, just super simple.

First, Jeremy and I took turns coming up with ideas and then I compiled them and designed a very colorful list using Word.  I chose a different font for each activity.  I love the way it turned out!

Next, I found a frame that wasn't in use and instead of putting the list inside the frame behind the glass, I decided to use double stick tape and simply tape it to the outside of the glass so that we can check activites off the list as we go.

After the paper was attached I hung it up in a place where we would see it all the time reminding us to take time to focus on the fun stuff too instead of always the work that needs to get done around here!

I love how it turned out and can't wait to start crossing things off.  First things first though, summer needs to start!

**Some have mentioned/asked why I didn't put the list in the frame and use a dry erase marker to check off the activities. Well, that was my original intention, but then once I printed the list I decided that I wanted to be able to remove it easily and I wanted Hudson to be able to handle the list and help check things off and if the marks were done with a dry erase marker, they'd be gone in no time!!  We would constantly be redoing the thing!!  He's a wild little 2-year-old! So, thanks for the suggestion ladies...maybe when Hudson gets a little bigger! : )**

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show and Tell: Ways to Document Our Lives

I've always been very into photography and finding new ways of documenting my life.  I've had my own camera for as long as I can remember and was always the one running around taking pictures of everything from my favorite Cabbage Patch to my friends and family.  Since becoming a mom, I have an even bigger desire to record it all and I as a mentioned before I discovered Project Life at the beginning of the year (and loving it) and now I found something else I love.  It's a company called Paper Coterie.  I'm sure you've seen the name bouncing around in blogland.  Well, about a month ago they were offering a 50% discount and free shipping on any order, so I went to the website to check it out.  I came across the most adorable growth charts for kids.  We'd been looking for one for Hudson for a while, and now I found one that I really liked and at 50% off  and free shipping, we couldn't pass it up.

I love how it has his name and his picture on it.  I chose a newborn picture to represent the beginning of his life.  It's made of a fabric paper that is designed to stick and restick over and over again, which is great because we don't plan on being in this house much longer!  I love that we'll be able to keep it forever!

But that's not it...because just a couple weeks ago they had a very special promotion celebrating their open house, so of course I had to order some of the other items that I had been drooling over. 
The first thing I wanted to order was an adorable Hopes and Dreams photo book for Hudson.  It has the sweetest graphics and best quotes about adventures.  It comes in two sizes, but I am already making so many books for our kiddos that I figured I would just order the 5x7.  I couldn't be happier with it!

All of the pictures in the book are just of Hudson.  He already likes looking at it!  I had a feeling he would!

I also ordered myself a new journal.  I used to journal everyday, but once I got married and had a baby, journaling just sort of got pushed to the back burner.  Well, I'm feeling the need to get back into it and found a very pretty little journal and even added my picture and title to the book.  I can't wait to start writing in it tonight!

This is by no means an advertisement for Paper Coterie.  In fact they have no idea I'm writing this.  I just have a passion for capturing life's moments and being able to record them, so I thought I would share my new finds for documenting life with all my readers. 

Maybe some of you are just like me!  And if you are, I would love to here about different ways you record your life's moments!  I'm always in the market for new ideas!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Ice Cream In A Bag

Tonight after dinner I thought it would be fun for us to make a simple little treat for dessert; ice cream ice milk in a bag.  It only takes about 5 minutes and is a great activity to get the kids involved in the kitchen.  My husband had never done it before and neither had Hudson, so I figured it was the perfect time!!  Here is the recipe that we used, but I'm sure there are other variations out there.

1 cup milk or half and half (we used some of Hudson's whole milk)
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Add all ingredients together in a small Ziploc bag and seal.

Then add 6 tbsp rock salt to a large Ziploc bag filled half full of ice. 

Place small bag inside large bag, seal and shake for at least 5 minutes.  You should be able to feel the contents of the small bag begin to harden.  After 5 minutes or so, remove small bag from large bag, quickly wipe small bag with a damp cloth to remove salt water (so you don't transfer any to your ice cream) and scoop into bowls.  Enjoy!!

The Churning Process:

 We had to take turns shaking the bag because it gets so cold!  It might be helpful to wear gloves or mittens.

 Hudson was working hard and having fun!

 Here is an after picture right before I scooped into our bowls.

 It begins to melt pretty fast, so you have to be quick!

 You can even dress it up with toppings.  Hudson added sprinkles...

It turned out to be a big success.  Both the hubby and Hudson liked it, so it looks like we'll be making it again soon...maybe even tomorrow night!!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

My New Obsession

My new website obsession is http://pinterest.com/.  I got my invite a few weeks ago, but just got around to checking it out a couple days ago and now I can't stop!!  I'm sure most of you are already members, but if not, you have to check it out.  It's an awesome way to save ideas, whether they be decorating ideas or diy ideas, in one spot!  They have it all and it's hard to walk away from the computer when there's so much eye candy to look at!!!  I've already found some great inspiration for the nursery, as well as, some great craft projects for me and Hudson. 

Check out just a few of my finds:

A colorful and yummy treat I'll definitely be making this summer!

 A great housewarming gift idea!  Love this tea towel!

 My next dog!

So, my advice, go and check it out if you haven't already...but only if you don't mind having another website addiction!  Happy Browsing!!


*All images can be found here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hard Times...

My family has been going through some difficult times recently, so focusing on my blog hasn't been my top priority, and for that I apologize.  We haven't even been able to start working on the nursery or any other projects we wanted to complete before the baby arrived.  It's been a very long 3 months, however, things are starting to look up and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl whom we affectionately call our little cupcake! 

Since our son will still be using the crib for the first few months once the cupcake arrives, while she is sleeping in our room, we haven't felt the need to rush to get her room completed.  But now that her due date is just around the corner, I'm feeling like she needs some space of her own in our home...more than just a closet full of clothes, so I'm hoping to get the hubby to do some painting and a few other projects very soon.

I've also been thinking about the direction I want this blog to go once the baby arrives.  I'm sure I won't have much time for crafts or home improvement projects for a while, so I decided that I'm going to start posting about anything and everything.  Hopefully I'll be able to share all of my mommy adventures with you all as well as the new adventure I'm pursuing, which is my plan to start my own photography business. 

So, to all my readers that actually check my blog, thank you for hanging in there and starting next week this blog will be taking on a somewhat new life!  I'm sorry life has gotten so in the way of my creativity...I hate when that happens!