Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes for a very happy holiday season!! 
See you in the new year!
(I guess this is as good as it gets when you have a 20 month old!!)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decor Mini Tour

I thought I'd share some pictures of our Christmas decor with everyone.  I happen to really love everything I put up, especially a certain white ceramic tree passed down to me from my grandma.  Plus, seeing other people's decorations is a great way to get inspired!

The tree!
(This picture is actually from last Christmas, but it's pretty much the same)

I had to sneak in a picture of my little cutie pie!

The old white ceramic tree (that I'm sure everyone's parents or grandparents have) is my favorite.  It reminds me of being a kid.

Our stockings...they look kinda sad without a mantle to hang from.

Since we don't have a mantle to decorate (I wish so badly we did!) I make good use of our entertainment center and the shelves that hang above it.  It's not as pretty as a mantle, but it will have to do for now.

The shelves

I love this too.  I bought the snowman candle from Pottery Barn when I worked there a few years ago and then just added some fake snow.

I have tons more, but will just stick with the living room for now.  I hope you enjoyed the mini tour!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Glittered Pinecones

Last year I collected some pinecones from our backyard to add to our holiday decor.  But I didn't just want plain pinecones, however, I did still want them to look natural.  So, I picked up some silver glitter spray at Walmart for about $3.00 and got to work.  I laid the pinecones out on a piece of cardboard and sprayed them 3 times really well.  The glitter is still very subtle, but pretty.  I was really happy with the way they turned out.  Let me know if you try it or have any other pinecones projects.

It's hard to see just how pretty the glitter looks in pictures, but in person they look like they have frost all over them.

 I use them as vase filler and add a little fake snow.

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