Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Pinterest Challenge

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just finished my Pinterest Challenge project last night.

I've been wanting to make a Minky blanket for Harper (I'm sort of hoping she'll get attached to it so that she'll have something to comfort her) and found an awesome tutorial put together by Jenny at http://icraftblog.blogspot.com/! She has great, easy to follow photos and instructions.

I had never sewn a blanket before, actually the only two items I've ever sewn were some boxer shorts in junior high Home Ec and then I recently finished curtains for Harper's room, and was really intimidated. But I figured why not give it a try anyway. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

I did it!!

 I found this awesome fabric on www.etsy.com. Isn't it just so pretty?! I adore the colors!

 It measures about 17 inches wide and 25 inches long. I used one of Hudson's lovey blankets as my size guide. I didn't want a big blanket. I wanted one that she would be able to drag around with her.

For the back side, I used a white Minky fabric. I hope it doesn't get too stained! I could have picked a color, but I really wanted the patterned side to pop.

Since I used white Minky, I thought is would look best if I used white thread as well. I really wanted it to look good!

I absolutely LOVE it!

It turned out SO much better than I thought it would given my sewing skill level. I'm so happy with it, that I just might have to knock out a few more!

Even if it wouldn't have turned out as good as it did, I still would've loved it just the same. It's so much better making something special for someone than buying it. I think she'll love it even more someday when she understands that I made it.

Cost breakdown
This blanket only cost me about $8.50 to make, much less that if I would've bought one!

1/2 yard scalloped fabric-$5 from etsy.com
1/2 yard white minky fabric-$3.50 using a 50% coupon at JoAnn
I already had the white thread

Winter Pinterest Challenge Update: I still have Hudson's alphabet book sitting finished on my MyPublisher account. I haven't forgotten about it. I've been waiting for a big sale. The shipping on those books alone is $10 and I really don't want to spend $30 on such a small picture book. I'm considering redoing it on another site. Maybe snapfish? I'm open for suggestions! Once I finally order and receive it, I'll definitely be sure to post photos.



  1. I love how simple (and inexpensive) this turned out to be. I might try my hand at a blanket as a first project. Lots of straight lines should be easy right? Pinning your project because I loved that you gave the sources and cost break down.

    Bernadette from www.b3hd.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Bernadette! It was pretty easy. I didn't have any trouble at all, but I think it's because I used so many pins! Good luck on your blanket! I would love to see pics!

  2. this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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