Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nesting Already?

Currently our nursery for the new baby is still the guest bedroom...or I should say the catch-all room.  I always had high hopes for it to become a cozy, inviting guest bedroom.  That never happened, and now it never will.  So, I've started slowly prepping it to become the nursery. 

The first thing that needed to be done was to clean out and organize all of our closets in order to make room for most of the items from the guest closet.  I started with my closet, then moved on to the coat closet and finally started arranging the guest nursery closet. (My husband cleaned out his own closet a couple of months ago)

Unfortunately, I didn't take before pictures of any of the closets, so these after pictures won't be as impressive, but trust me, the closets were horrible!  They had been neglected for months and months, if not years!
Hall Coat Closet

 My Closet
(I still need to get a shoe rack)

 Hubby's Closet
(didn't my hubby do a good job organizing it?)

 Nursery Closet
(a work in progress, but already sooo much better than what it was)

I love how good it feels to open an organized closet.  I'm huge on organization, so this is a great project for me to tackle in the winter.  Anyone else stuck inside getting things done?


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