Friday, June 1, 2012

Documenting Our Summer Fun=Summer Captured 2012

I had an idea about a special way to document the activities that we actually cross off of our Summer Family Fun List. I want to be able to incorporate a special insert(s) into my Project Life album. I was inspired by this insert idea from Elise over at http://eliseblaha.typepad.com. She used a coin pocket page purchased from amazon.com to display all her instagram vacation photos.

photo source here

So Genius! I went straight to amazon to order some of my own! They hold 20 photos in the front and 20 in the back side, which I also thought would be perfect for this project. This is what they look like:

I've already used one page to display our family vacation instagram photos and it's probably my favorite page so far! Here's a look:

Looks pretty cool, right?! I think so too!

My next source for inspiration comes from Marcy Penner over at http://www.marcypenner.com/?p=7224.
She used the same concept to document Day In The Life this year, only she made her own pocket page by sewing one out of a 12x12 page protector in order for it to fit her Project Life album. I really love how she alternated between an instagram photo and a small journaling card in order to add words to her photos. Take a look. Love it so much!

So, my idea is to fill up three 20 pocket pages using the fronts and the backs. I plan to alternate an instagram photo of each activity and a small journal card detailing the fun we had. Our list contains 50 different activities, so in all I'll need 100 pockets, which will take up 2 1/2 pages leaving just the back side of the third page empty. I decided that I can either fill up the back side with some pretty patterned paper, one giant photo cut up to fit the squares or, if we end up adding more activities to the list, I will have room to incorporate those into the spread as well.

This seems like such a great way to not only document each activity, but also to make us more likely to complete the entire list, which is all about having FUN together and focusing some attention on family time. I may even print out another copy of the list and insert that into an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector and add that in the same spot. I have a lot of ideas flowing! I do know for sure that we plan on tackling one of the activities this weekend, so I think I'll add the inserts in between the first week of June spread.

I can't wait to see how it turns out! And if any of you are fellow Project Life junkies like me and you want to join in the fun, I would love a link to check out how you plan to document all your summer fun activities! Just leave it in the comments section or send me an email!

I think I'll nickname this project Summer Captured 2012, hence the blog title.

I'll be posting updates as I add to my pages.

Here's to a fun-filled summer full of family and of course photos!


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