Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Around Here

Looking at our Christmas tree and enjoying the view

Loving that the holidays are just around the corner

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts now so I'm not doing it at the last minute

Getting ready for delicious food, lots of family time and relaxation that is Thanksgiving

Preparing for our annual holiday party. Lots and lots to do!

Painting our kitchen cabinets

Working on my December Daily page prep and getting super excited to start it again this year!

Eating lots of pumpkin goodies before Fall comes to an end

Needing to get back on the treadmill after last weeks absence

Building a wooden "tree" display for my advent calendar (more on that later)

Reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Drinking lots and lots of water lately

Cooking new recipes from Pinterest in hopes of adding some new favorites to our rotation

Listening to the Christmas station on Pandora with a little bit of Mumford & Sons mixed in

Feeling extremely grateful for all the wonderful things in my life


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