Friday, November 2, 2012

My Goals: November 2012

Hello November!

I was so ready to change the calendar to November. I'm not sure why, but I'm ready for a new month and new possibilities.

I did a pretty good job crossing items off my October goal list, but now we're on to a new month with new goals and some continuation from last month.

-Continue working on Christmas pillow cases; I got all of the squares cut, and now I need to start piecing them together.

-Finalize our Thanksgiving plans

-Print and mail out Christmas party invites

-Paint TV stand in basement

-Take a trip to Minneapolis to meet Young House Love; I'm SO excited for this!

-Clean windows before it snows

-Go on at least one date night with Jeremy

-Continue buying/making Christmas gifts

-Catch up on my Project Life

(photo by Danny Bligh; check out his photography blog over on my sidebar http://dannybligh.tumblr.com/)


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