Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show and Tell: Ways to Document Our Lives

I've always been very into photography and finding new ways of documenting my life.  I've had my own camera for as long as I can remember and was always the one running around taking pictures of everything from my favorite Cabbage Patch to my friends and family.  Since becoming a mom, I have an even bigger desire to record it all and I as a mentioned before I discovered Project Life at the beginning of the year (and loving it) and now I found something else I love.  It's a company called Paper Coterie.  I'm sure you've seen the name bouncing around in blogland.  Well, about a month ago they were offering a 50% discount and free shipping on any order, so I went to the website to check it out.  I came across the most adorable growth charts for kids.  We'd been looking for one for Hudson for a while, and now I found one that I really liked and at 50% off  and free shipping, we couldn't pass it up.

I love how it has his name and his picture on it.  I chose a newborn picture to represent the beginning of his life.  It's made of a fabric paper that is designed to stick and restick over and over again, which is great because we don't plan on being in this house much longer!  I love that we'll be able to keep it forever!

But that's not it...because just a couple weeks ago they had a very special promotion celebrating their open house, so of course I had to order some of the other items that I had been drooling over. 
The first thing I wanted to order was an adorable Hopes and Dreams photo book for Hudson.  It has the sweetest graphics and best quotes about adventures.  It comes in two sizes, but I am already making so many books for our kiddos that I figured I would just order the 5x7.  I couldn't be happier with it!

All of the pictures in the book are just of Hudson.  He already likes looking at it!  I had a feeling he would!

I also ordered myself a new journal.  I used to journal everyday, but once I got married and had a baby, journaling just sort of got pushed to the back burner.  Well, I'm feeling the need to get back into it and found a very pretty little journal and even added my picture and title to the book.  I can't wait to start writing in it tonight!

This is by no means an advertisement for Paper Coterie.  In fact they have no idea I'm writing this.  I just have a passion for capturing life's moments and being able to record them, so I thought I would share my new finds for documenting life with all my readers. 

Maybe some of you are just like me!  And if you are, I would love to here about different ways you record your life's moments!  I'm always in the market for new ideas!


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