Friday, June 10, 2011

Camera Practice

My little niece was born last week, so we've been busy with that and preparing for our own baby to arrive.  I took a chance and traveled the 1 1/2 to my hometown to see my sister's family and their new addition and to check out all of the flooding, which incidentally has gotten much worse since we were there last Saturday.  Both of these gave me the opportunity to practice with my new camera!  I was so excited to take pictures of baby Emersyn!

 She is wearing one of the onesie stickers that I got for her.  It's so cute!

Here are a few of the flooding.

This is a picture of a restaurant and hotel located right along the river.  It now has water all around it.

 Here is a huge group of people volunteering filling sandbags to build a wall around the YWCA which is also located along the river.

 A shot of the bridge joining Nebraska and Iowa.  The river is usually much, much lower.

 Here is another hotel and restaurant located on the Nebraska side of the Missouri.  It has a huge wall built around it to help keep water out.

I took this picture of the Nebraska side while driving back to Omaha on I-29.

We couldn't even get to the really flooded areas because they are closed to passersby, but if you'd like to see more, there are tons of photos posted online by all the local media.

I'm loving my new camera so much and am taking tons of pictures everyday, but we've been so busy preparing for the baby that I haven't had a chance to get them on the computer yet.  And we are finally making some really design plans for the nursery...I know, I know...we're really behind, but since she'll be sleeping in our room for the first few months I'm okay with that.

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