Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check ...

Remember the Summer Family Fun List I made last month?  Well, we've already been crossing things off and having so much fun doing it!  Since I actually made a list this summer of all the things I always want to do in the summer months, I was sure to include activities that I've had good intentions of doing in the past, but never seemed to get around to doing them until it's too late.  One of those activities is picking strawberries at a strawberry farm in town, but this time we finally did it! I've always missed my chance because the season only lasts around 3 weeks. But now I'm so glad I wanted until I had Hudson before going anyway.  He loved it and took it very seriously.  He did such a good job at only picking the red ones.  We were very proud of him!  I even enjoyed myself despite the heat and being 9 months pregnant!

 The strawberries were delicious and so fresh!  They have raspberry picking in July and we've already made plans to go back for that.

One of the other activities we crossed off the list (although that doesn't mean that we won't do it again and again this summer!) was going on a picnic.  I actually received all of the picnicking essentials for my bridal shower four years ago and have never used them.  I know, that pretty pathetic!  I've never been on a true picnic, so it was very exciting and to be able to take Hudson on his very first picnic was pretty special.  Especially because we were trying to get in a ton of special family fun time with the little guy before this sister arrived.  It was the perfect day for a picnic in the park complete with my favorite sandwich and salad from Paradise Bakery and then some time spend at the playground!

We've also been doing some swimming and sidewalk chalk drawing.

This weekend we're planning a rootbeer float party!  We're even picking up a growler of delicious rootbeer from a microbrewery in town.  I'll be sure to take some pictures to share. (I'm constantly practicing now with my new camera you know!)

I'm loving this whole summer list thing!  It's really gotten us in gear for having all kinds of fun.  Big fun and little family fun!


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