Thursday, August 18, 2011

Show & Tell: More Memory Keeping

You guys know how into preserving memories I am, well I'm back with yet another way to do it thanks to one of my favorite online shops, Paper Coterie.  Recently they introduced their new Memory Keeper boxes and I couldn't love them more!!  They have designs for all occasions, but I decided on boxes for the kids first year of life. 

Baby lady Harper's box.  I used newborn pictures on both of them and love how adorable they are!!

 And little man Hudson's.  Love the pennant design!  So precious!

 And did I mention that they're huge?!  Here is Hudson demonstrating by repeating "BIG" over and over!
They are really big (much bigger than I thought they'd be) and hold a ton of stuff.  I knew they'd be perfect for hospital mementos, ultrasound pics and anything else we collect during the first year.

And right now, Paper Coterie has a "Begin Anywhere Month" promotion going on, so go over and check them out!  Their products couldn't be cuter!!  Love them!


*I was not paid or perked for this post.  I just REALLY love their products!*

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