Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December Daily

Okay, so I know I'm really behind on my blogging! The holidays were so busy for us and although I stayed on top of my December Daily everyday, I didn't get to finish days 24 and 25 until just last night. I ran out of photo paper and ink on the 23rd, so I had to have the last two pages printed and had to pick them up, which takes much longer! I'm so bad at getting around to pick up pictures!!

Anyway, I thought I would share a few more days with you today. Then tomorrow I have a regular post scheduled. Then I'll post more pages until I've shared my entire book. Maybe some of you aren't interested, but maybe some are and I'm super proud of this scrapbook, so I have to share!

Day 6:
There wasn't a specific story on this day. I snapped a photo of Harper admiring the tree and then took this silly picture of Hudson and added the story explaining it. It was too cute not to add.

I used one of Ali Edwards digital brushes from Designer Digitals on both pictures. It says "Capturing the magical moments of December".

Day 7:
The story for today was our first meal at the Chick-fil-a that had recently opened. We've been waiting for a Chick-fil-a forever and finally got one, so this was kind of special.

The snowflake overlay is from Hambly and I just cut them down to 3 x 11 1/2. I like how it adds a little something extra. 

I used the bag that our food came in as a background for the text. Unfortunately I didn't think to do it until after we crumpled it up, but that's okay. I don't mind the wrinkles. The number 7 is from Bananafish Studios.

I made this photo collage using Picasa and designed it to look like Polaroids. Then I added another one of Ali's digital brushes on top.

Day 8:
This is the day where I added our Christmas card. Very simple.

I cut up a bag that I got when I bought something at Hallmark. I love what it says and knew I wanted to incorporate it into my book.

I just used some Martha Stewart baker's twine at the top and a journal card from Bananafish Studios.
 Day 9:
Today Hudson received a email from Santa that included a video message. He loved it and asked to watch it again and again.

I used another digital brush from Ali Edwards and created a full page of photos. I designed almost all my pages using GIMP.

I printed out the email and cut it up and added some handwritten journaling. I hate my handwriting, but I wanted to include some throughout the book anyway.

Day 10:
My story for today was outlining the things that I was loving about the season so far.

I found this Santa paper at Archiver's (sorry I don't know the designer) and knew I had to use it in the book. So, I used it for the whole page.

The silver letters are from Target and the font I used is called Remington Noiseless.

Day 11:
Jeremy took some beautiful pictures of Harper and I cuddling right before bedtime and right away I knew that was the story for the day. Another simple day.

Day 12:
I didn't have an idea for the day, so I decided to have Jeremy and I list some of our favorite things about the holiday season. I wanted to include some of his handwriting too.

I used a digital brush and blew it up.
Again, I used Remington Noiseless for the font.

That's as far as I got today. I have to take the baby to the doctor to check on a possible ear infection.


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