Friday, August 17, 2012

Booster Seat Complete

I just finished my third sewing project! I'm so proud of myself for taking the plunge and trying something new, especially because I'm very intimidated by my sewing machine!

A few posts ago I talked about some of the projects and homemade gifts that I wanted to get started on early this year. One of the projects was to make Hudson and Harper booster seats for the kitchen table. Actually, Harper won't need one for a while yet, but I figured while I'm making Hudson's, I might as well make Harper one too.

I was inspired by this tutorial that I came across on www.pinterest.com. They looked pretty simple, but since I'm new to sewing, I had no idea how they would turn out.

The goal:

My completed booster seat:

It looks like the one above, right?!

It's nice and thick.

I did it! The tutorial was easy to follow along for a beginner like me. I didn't have any trouble understanding the steps. I was nervous, but it was really easy! The hardest part was getting the tablecloth cut to the right dimensions...well that was probably because my kiddos were trying to climb all over it while I was cutting!

In case you're wondering, I bought my vinyl tablecloth at Target on clearance a few weeks ago for $2.50. I like the pattern and the colors, but wish they would've had something with stripes or polka dots. Oh well, I guess this will add a little bit of summer to our house all year round! Maybe next summer they'll have something I like better and I can make some more.

If you would like to make your own booster seats, head on over to http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com. It's a great tutorial!

I'm so happy with my completed booster seat! The more I sew, the less intimidated I am and the more I enjoy it!

Happy Friday!