Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kid Craft: Football Sensory Bottles

After making the Fireworks in a Bottle sensory craft, I had all kinds of ideas for more sensory bottles swirling around in my brain. Both of my kiddos really liked the bottles and Hudson had fun making his own, so I knew it would be something we would do again.

Since football season in just around the corner, and in our house, we are pretty big college football fans, I thought making some football themed bottles would be fun! We made two bottles again, but this time we made one bottles with Nebraska Cornhusker colors and one bottle with Iowa Hawkeye colors. We are a divided house when it comes to football. I'm the Nebraska fan and my hubby is the Iowa fan.

Anyway, on to the craft!

Football Sensory Bottles


plastic water bottles
ribbon-I used red & white, black & yellow
football confetti


Cut ribbon into strips of all different lengths. I was trying to make my ribbon resemble pom poms.

Add the ribbon to empty bottles.

Add football confetti to bottles.

Add glitter to bottles. I used silver because that's what I had on hand, but I think it would be cool if you used the school colors. *Tip* I made a funnel out of a sheet of paper so that Hudson wouldn't get it all over the place.

Once you have everything added to the bottles that you want, fill the bottles with water leaving a small amount of space at the top and then seal the lids on with a little bit of glue. By sealing the lids with glue, you don't have to worry about the lids coming loose and the contents spilling out.

Let them dry for a few minutes and then they're ready to go! Shake, shake, shake and watch it swirl!

Cost breakdown:
bottles-free, had on hand
red, white, black and yellow ribbon-$2.00, each roll cost $.50 at Michael's
football confetti-$.99 at Michael's
silver glitter-free, had on hand

total: $3.00

This is a simple and inexpensive project for little kids. I already have an idea for a fall inspired sensory bottle. I'm obsessed!

If you end up making your own, come back and post a link. I would love to see what teams you cheer for and how yours turn out!

Have Fun!


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