Friday, October 22, 2010

A Long, Busy Week

It has been a long week and I'm so glad that it's Friday!!  I've been designing the decorations and invitations for my friend's baby shower that's being held this weekend and will be sure to feature it all on Monday.  It's an owl theme and couldn't be cuter, so stop back on Monday to check it out!!  But here is a little preview for now:

This cute little owl was designed by Crystal Wilkerson and can be found  at creativitybycrystal.blogspot.com

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  1. This owl is beautiful. I'm going to reproduce it by making felt ornaments on a Christmas tree (if I can, of course).

  2. The owl was designed by Crystal Wilkerson. She has a blog called creativitybycrystal.blogspot.com I think all you need to do is email her and get permission to reproduce it. I bought the design off her website. I think it was $3.99.