Monday, October 4, 2010

Pantry Update

Our pantry has looked the same since the day we moved in, bad.  We moved in in a rush, shoved all of our food in and never looked back.  I finally got to the point that I couldn't take looking at the ugliness of it all anymore!  So, Friday afternoon I tackled my pantry update in just a couple of hours.  A little paint, some organization and some labels go a long way...

Here are some before pictures...please don't stare at the ugly floor...it has some water damage and needs to be sanded and re-stained, but that's another day.

What do you think of the high gloss yellow paint?!  Yikes!

The shelves were disgusting, but we did have shelf liners on them.

Even the ceiling of the pantry was painted the ugly yellow!!

Here's my little man helping mommy...well, more like getting in the way!  But he was having fun!

 I used Fresh Aire paint (low VOC) from Home Depot.  The color is  called Of The Earth.  I didn't use white because I though it would show wear and tear more easily.
 We recently moved the trash can into the pantry because the little man was always playing with it and throwing everything away.

Here is an after pic of the shelves all organized.

 And here is what my shelf labels look like.  I made them with my P Touch label maker that my sweet hubby got me for Christmas a couple years ago.  He knows how much I like to be organized!

For a project that only took me a couple hours and no money to complete, I think it turned out pretty good!  It looks so much better than it did and now I can find everything!!

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  1. haha I organise mine all the time (I have very little to do with my time...) It sends my housemates mad because they want to live like stereotypical trampy students but cant because there are boxes and labels and everything keeping things neat.


  2. Great job ! I re-do ours regularly, but somehow it's always a mess !
    thanks for sharing,

  3. way to rock it out! you did a fine job and please enjoy every single second with your lil guy. Before you can blink..he'll be a pre-teen.