Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar


I've been working very hard at finishing all my projects before December 1st, and I finally finished the advent calendar envelopes the other night and then the activity cards yesterday. Boy, was it more work than I anticipated, but I love how they turned out.

I actually ended up finding some scrapbook paper from the same holiday set that the paper I used, so that way I was able to add more to the fronts of the envelopes. I also bought some of the Martha Stewart holiday baker's twine at Michael's to add to them.

After I was finished with the envelopes, I had to type up all the activity cards, print and cut them. That part took more time than it should have due to all the breaks for diaper changes, making food, filling juice cups and feeding the baby.

Here is a peek at my finished project. Sorry it took me so long!

If you remember, this is what I started with:

Library cards and envelopes cut with my Silhouette machine using white card stock.

A super cute sheet of advent scrapbook paper purchased last year at Archiver's. I saw that they have it this year too though!

I cut up the scrapbook paper into the numbered pieces and glued them to the envelopes. They still needed more embellishment in order to be complete.

So, I found another piece of scrapbook paper from the same set, cut that up and added baker's twine to most of them.

This card originally just had the square with the number nine on it. It was way too plain, so I cut the phrase merry & bright from the matching paper and added some twine. Much better!

Once I was finished with the envelopes, I started a list of all the activities I wanted to add and got started on the cards. I made them really fast using Word. The font is honey script.

Each card has a different activity for that day. I included everything from a picnic by the tree to doing a random act of kindness, such as paying for the person's order behind me in the drive thru. I also included a few "special surprise" cards to indicate that the kids get a small gift that day. It should be lots of fun!

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!

I'm glad I didn't end up using that paper last year, because it was my inspiration for the calendar this year.

I haven't found the perfect spot to hang it yet, so at the moment they are all in an apothecary jar in our living room. It actually looks pretty, but I need to find a place where I can hang them and admire all my hard work!

When I do hang it, I'll be using some type of ribbon or heavier twine and clothes pins.

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  1. Nice work with the calendar! What did you end up putting inside the little envelopes?

  2. I love your envelopes. The paper that you used is really neat. I'll have to keep my eye out for some Advent paper. I really love making Advent things.