Monday, September 12, 2011

Supper Clubs, Yay or Nay?

I've always wanted to be a part of a supper club. It sounds like so much fun being able to get together with friends and share new recipes!  I don't know anyone who's in one nor have I even heard anyone talk about a supper club.  I had no idea how to start one or who I would ask to join.  Then last month in Everyday Food magazine there was a small article about how to get one started. It was as though Martha Stewart was reading my mind! She really is amazing! Here is the article that I tore out of the magazine:

So, now I'm totally excited about getting one started! How hard can it be, right?  All I need to do is figure out which of my friends would be willing to join in and actually follow through with it.  That's actually harder to do than doing the planning and the cooking!! So many of my friends have young children and very busy schedules.

But, I like the idea of having a dinner once every couple of months. That way it won't be too overwhelming for most people or too much of a commitment that they end up backing out all the time. And now that we have Facebook, it will totally help keep the information flowing.

 If anyone is part of a supper club and you has some pointers to steer me in the right direction, that would be great!  I think I'm gonna need all the help I can get in order to get it started! I'll be sure to keep you posted.


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