Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week In The Life Project

I learned about Ali Edwards blog through Becky Higgins and that's where I discovered her follow along project called Week In The Life. It's a week long journal and photography project documenting everyday life at that moment in time. Ali has been doing it for a few years along with her followers and her books are just awesome when she's done. This year she did it in the summer for the first time, but I discovered her blog a week after she completed her week, so I couldn't follow along with her this time. Instead I decided to pick a week in the Fall to do mine. I just started yesterday and let me tell you, it's a lot of work (as she mentions on her blog), but I can already tell it will be so worth it in the end when my book is complete. I think it will be fun to be able to look back someday and see just what exactly we were doing around here all day everyday! Since it will be a little while before I can show you my finished project, I thought I'd share with you some pics from Ali's blog:

All of these images are from Ali's 2011 Week In The Life.  They can be found by clicking here along with a great video about the process.

Ali's books are all really beautiful. I love the layouts and colors that she chose for this year's book. I can only hope mine will turn out to be half of what her's are! She is such an inspiration!

Her blog is great too! She shares all kinds of great, photography, project ideas and inspiration. You should go and check it out. You'll love it!

She also shares a list of all the product information on there as well, so you know where you can find all the supplies she used.


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