Monday, October 3, 2011

Did You Have A Sticker Book?

I was searching under our stairs for our Halloween decorations when I came across my childhood box that contained my sticker book. Yes, I am an 80's child and my sticker book was one of my favorite things growing up. My best friends and I were all sticker collectors and we loved to get together with our books. We would admire each others stickers and trade them back and forth. We even invented "The Giving Game" in order to obtain our favorite stickers from our friends without having to trade. It was so much fun!

Seeing my sticker book made me realize that I'd actually began scrapbooking way before I thought I had. These stickers were a record of the times. They represent what was popular at the time.

I have specific memories attached to so many of them, and seeing them again takes me right back to my bedroom floor with my best friends! I'm so glad that I kept them all these years!

I took some pictures of some of the pages to share.

This is actually my very first sticker book. My parents gave both my sister and I one for Valentine's day one year. I loved it, but eventually upgraded to a fancier version.

Here is the fancier version. A photo album with the adhesive added to the pages. We would stick and restick the stickers so many times that some of them weren't even sticky anymore.

This is my favorite page. A page completely devoted to all of my very favorite stickers. It would change all the time, but this is how it was when I stopped playing with stickers. See that round sticker with a pitcher of pink juice? That was one that got traded back and forth A LOT, as did that big hiking bear. That little pear on roller skates was a big favorite of mine. It's torn a little...
I was also in love with that tiny pumpkin and the little purple balloon! Oh the memories!!
Here is my shiny page. Yes, you are seeing that correctly. It is in fact a sticker version of the Michael Jackson glove. That one was traded more times than any other, and I proud to say that I have it in the end! That big glittery star was on everyone's wish list too.

I had a page devoted to balloons too.

And a page for Easter stickers. I always loved the arrangement of this page in particular. And I loved that sticker of the fuzzy bunny holding the lily.

Hudson was having fun looking through all the pages, but I think he liked my favorite page the best too!

There are so many more pages than what are shown here, but I didn't want to bore you to death! I just thought it was fun to look through and be reminded of simpler times when stickers were the most important thing in life!

Did anyone else have a sticker book? If so, I would love to see it!


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  1. I used to have a sticker book!!!! I was CRAZY about stickers when I was younger :)