Monday, February 20, 2012

Day In The Life

On Wednesday, February 8, I followed along with Ali Edwards to capture "A Day In The Life". Things have changed quite a bit around here since completing Week In The Life back in September, so I thought it would be fun to look back and note what's gotten easier and what's gotten more difficult, how much the kids have grown and what our schedule is like now versus then. I just ordered my Project Life plastics on Friday, so I haven't started my book yet, but knew I wanted to add this project in an 81/2x11, 9 pocket page protector. I added 18 photos taken throughout the day and also printed out the daily journal pages from Ali's blog to fill out throughout the day as well.  Here is what the pages will look like:

*note* I still have to print the photos onto 81/2x11 photo paper and cut them to add them to the page protectors. Some of the photos will be switched around a little.

1. Having my morning coffee, checking email, facebook
2. Jeremy's getting ready for work
3. Saying goodbye to the kids.
4. Reading blogs still drinking my coffee
5. Breakfast for the baby
6. Hudson's ongoing obsession with shoes, especially daddy's shoes
7. Harper pulling my hair...her favorite thing right now...not so much fun for me.
8. Hudson taking pictures of me taking pictures of him.
9. Harper's nap time.

10. Hudson enjoying some Little Einsteins
11. My Project Life core kit and binder came in the mail! Yay!
12. An afternoon nap for Harper and some snuggle time for mommy.
13. Finally getting around to folding some laundry.
14. Taking a bath after dinner. I had a nasty headache.
15. BBQ chicken salads that Jeremy picked up from Panera. Delicious!
16. Play time with daddy.
17. About to feed Harper and put her to bed for the night.
18. Jeremy and I watching one of our favorite Wednesday night shows.

It was a VERY typical day around our house. Perfect for what I hoped to document with this project. It will be a nice addition to my Project Life, which by the way, has gotten so big this year that some of the new shipments that arrived at amazon.com on Friday sold out within hours! Craziness. I'm glad I got mine! I also talked my friend Kari into jumping on the PL bandwagon ( Hi Kar!). I hope she likes it as much as I do!


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