Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Birthday Decorations...Sort Of

I made a couple banners for Hudson's actual birthday, which fell on Easter.  I decided I didn't really need to go all out since he'd just had a well decorated party the weekend before.  I ended up making another high chair banner and another happy birthday banner.  I purchased the clipart used to make my banners from Stockberry Studios.  I wish I would've had a little more time to work on them, but it was a busy week and I caught my sixth cold of the year, so I wasn't feeling like doing much.  However, I still think they turned out cute and I'm pretty sure Hudson didn't even notice them!  Ha!

The lighting didn't allow me to get very good pictures of the happy birthday banner.  I hate my camera...I've been saving up for a new one and already have it all picked out!

Here is a little better view of the rest of that banner.


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