Friday, April 1, 2011

Show & Tell: Birthday Gift

For my birthday this year my sweet hubby and little man got my something I've been wanting for months now...Project Life!  It's a great way of scrapbooking without all the embellishments.  I have tons of scrapbooks from all throughout high school and all throughout college, plus a few extras and cherish all of them, but I eventually got burned out and switched to regular photo albums (which there is nothing wrong with)  But, after having a baby I decided that I wanted make yearly scrapbooks for all of our kids.  I'm a little behind and still working on Hudson's first year...it's hard when you have small kids that don't give you much time to yourself throughout the day!! 

Anyway, I've really missed making scrapbooks for myself and being able to include keepsakes along with pictures and journaling, but didn't want to do the tradition scrapbooks anymore.  Not only because it's expensive, but it's also waaaaay too time consuming to take on with little ones running around.  That's when I came across Project Life.  So easy and so perfect for what I wanted to accomplish!  I've already gotten started and am totally in love!   Thanks to my boys for the perfect birthday gift!!

And if you've never heard of Project Life and are into scrapbooking, you should definitely check it out!  I'll be sure to share pics of my progress with you as I get more added to the book!


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