Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Want My Own Mummies

I love Halloween. It's always been my favorite holiday, until recently replaced by Christmas since having kids. Maybe it's because I have so many great memories from my childhood Halloweens. Whatever the reason, I also love to decorate for Halloween. I don't have much that I really love at the moment, but I'm slowly getting there.

I wanted to make a few decorations this year and I found a great tutorial for mummies made out of glass jars on Pinterest. You can find the original post for the mummies pictured below here. These were made by the girls at Crafts reDesigned:
My inspiration

My mummies!

The glittery spider came in a package of 8 from a local store here in Omaha. I have plans for the rest of them that I'll share later.

Aren't they so cute?! I love how they turned out!

various sizes of glass jars (I used salsa jars)
1 roll of white gauze
scissors to cut the gauze
Mod Podge
paint brush
googly eyes
super glue or craft glue to attach the eyes

Make sure your jars are clean. Then cut strips of gauze (any length you want) and then cut those strips in half the long way. Use your paint brush to apply Mod Podge directly to the jar and then start wrapping the gauze on top of the Mod Podge, repeating the process from the bottom to the top or visa versa. Then let it sit aside until it dries. After it's dry you can rough it up a bit by gently tugging at the gauze until you get the desired affect. Once that's done just use the glue to attach the eyes and you're finished! I added tea lights to mine, but haven't had the chance to light them yet. I also just stuck the spider on hoping it would stay without any glue and it worked!

This project only cost me $2.00, the price of the gauze. I had everything else on hand. I love inexpensive crafts!


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