Monday, October 1, 2012

My Goals: October 2012

I like to make lists. Yep, I'm a list maker. I love being able to cross things off my list. It makes me feel like I'm getting things done. So, in honor of "getting things done" I decided I should blog my goals for each month in the hopes that I end up accomplishing even more.

-Spend lots of family time embracing the new season (You can find my printable for this here)

-Start and finish Christmas pillow cases for the kids (this one will be the biggest challenge!)

-Have some type of "get together" with friends

-Go on 2 dates with Jeremy

-Make 2 kinds of soup to freeze

-Keep up with my exercise routine

-Post at least twice a week

-Deep clean the house before winter weather sets in

-Try 1 new recipe from Pinterest

-Buy at least 6 more Christmas gifts (I like to shop early so I'm not buying everything the week before)

-Read a new book

I took this photo using the Instagram app on my phone this weekend. Love it!


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