Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rice Heating Pad Gifts

Last month I decided to make both my parents rice heat pads for their birthdays. My mom's birthday is in September and my dad's is in October, so I figured they would be the perfect gift for the cold weather that's on its way.

I found a great tutorial from The Green Wife on Pinterest.(Be sure to check it out!) It was easy for a beginner like me to follow. I followed every step with the exception of the the step where she sews her sections. Since I'm still learning and not a great sewer, I tried to sew 6 sections in my dad's, but only managed 5 and then I only sewed 3 large sections in my mom's. Sewing the sections was the hardest part, because you have to add the rice and then pin off the section and sew. I could not, for the life of me, sew a straight line along the pins!! UGH...

Oh, and I also didn't serge the edges like she does. I just sewed them with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

And I didn't buy flannel fabric (because I didn't read that part before I bought my fabric), but I did line both warmers with a layer of white flannel to help keep in the heat in longer.

I snapped a few pictures of my dad's heating pad, but I didn't get one of my mom's before I gave it to her and then she left our house before I remembered to take any. Darn it!

It's definitely not the best looking rice heating pad ever. Not even close, but it gets the job done!
My dad is a die hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan, hence the Husker fabric.

I put this one through a few test runs and it worked great! My dad has a bad neck, so he's used his a few times and loves it! Yay for useful, handmade gifts!!

I also thought the heat pads would be great for heating up the end of the bed before they climb into it on those freezing cold winter nights.

I bought some pretty flannel fabric to make one for myself too, but still haven't gotten around to making it. Go figure! And I need one desperately!

My next sewing project is a quilted Christmas pillow case for each kiddo. I've already bought the fabric, but need to cut the pieces and then learn how to put it all together. Yeah, that should be interesting. But I did pin a fantastic tutorial on Pinterest, so we'll see if I am smart enough to figure it out!


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