Monday, August 9, 2010

Custom Artwork

As I mentioned before, I am working on redecorating our son's bedroom.  Well, on Friday I finally finished with his custom artwork and I am extremely proud of the way it turned out!  I wanted something bright and colorful to reflect his big personality and I think I achieved just that.  I got my inspiration from a shop on etsy that was selling similar artwork, but at $40 a pop, it just wasn't in our budget. So, after pining over it long enough I figured why not try and make something myself, plus it gave me the opportunity to make it exactly how I wanted it!  Here is what I did:

3-12x12 pieces of wood, cut edges sanded
lots of scrapbook paper
mod podge and scissors
Once I gathered all my supplies, I got to work.  I cut everything by hand except the fire and the tent, which I found examples for on google images, but you could definitely use stencils if you're not quite as handy with the scissors. 

Once everything was cut out, I arranged it on the wood the way I wanted it and then sealed it with the mod podge which I got in satin finish so that it would have a slight sheen to it.  SO simple! 

Here is the finished product:

Hotair Balloon Ride
Sun and Surf
The Great Outdoors

Sorry, the pictures aren't as good as I would like them to be.  I have a feeling our camera won't be around much longer!  I chose to design scenes of outdoor activities that we enjoy or wish we could enjoy, but you could make them look any way you'd like.  I think any type of animal would be cute or maybe little houses, or flowers...I could go on and on.  I had such a great time making these that I plan to do the same thing for each one of our babies...when we have more babies, that is!

Here is Hudson admiring his new custom artwork.  He loves pointing at the pictures so we can tell him what they are.
His favorite one is the turtle.


  1. That is such a cute idea, Tashia! They're so cute in your nursery! Great job!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled with the way they turned out! I love the name of your blog, so cute!!

  3. Wow - these are adorable! What a fun idea. I think the turtle is definitely my favorite too!

  4. Thanks Alissa! I am just so thrilled with how they came out. They really reflect Hudson's personality to a tee!

  5. Those are adorable! I would never have thought to make them. He looks pretty happy too!

    Please link up to my All About The Boy link party!


  6. Silly me! I forget to tell you that the All About The Boy link party is at www. the nifty nest . com

  7. Thanks for stopping by Liz! I linked up at the nifty nest and loved checking out all the great stuff for boys!! Fun!

  8. Those look awesome. Hudson is a cute little fella!!

  9. These are amazingly unique and beautiful!! Love this idea!

    Candice @ rattles and redheads.

  10. Absolutley darling! That will be a treasure for years to come. And I bet when he grows out of them, they will be super cute for a bathroom.

    ~Susan @ Living with Punks