Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pumpkin Update: The Start of a Fruit

I went out to check on the pumpkins this afternoon (I've been trying to stay away because of all the mosquitoes that surround it) and it's looking much better and I think I even spotted the start of a pumpkin.  It's about time!!  I had given one of the other seedlings that I started this spring  to my parents who live in Sioux Falls and they already have 3 growing on their vine.  I was so jealous, but it looks as though we might get a least one pumpkin after all!
It's starting to creep into our neighbors side yard...oops

Here is the tiny little pumpkin.  Yay!!  This is the first female flower that I've seen on the vine since the cucumber beetle infestation.  I also noticed another one right beside this one, only it's smaller, but maybe that one will start to grow too.

I love seeing sun tea jars outside brewing.  It won't be long before it will be too cool to make my sun tea.  bummer.  So, I'm taking advantage of the weather as much as possible before it's too late.

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