Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pumpkin Update: Not Looking Good

Somehow our pumpkins are still alive despite the fact that they have been taken over by cucumber beetles.  As you can see in the pictures below, there are 2 offshoots, but the main vine where they connect looks pretty bad...as in dried up and dead.  Now, I'm no pumpkin growing expert, but I don't think this is what is supposed to happen. 
Here is a pic of the main root source.  I'm not sure how the rest of it is even still alive!

Even though it doesn't look like we'll be getting any pumpkins off this, I couldn't just let it die considering the offshoots still look fairly healthy, so I made a trip to Earl May and asked for something that might work to get rid of our pesky pests. This is what they suggested:

So, I sprayed it last night and again this morning when there were more beetles present. Hopefully it will get rid of them so there might be a chance of the plant surviving, but the spray didn't seem to affect the bugs on impact, so I won't keep my hopes up!  I'll be so disappointed if it dies and a little discouraged from trying again next year...

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