Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Fun Night

Now that I'm a mom I find myself always looking for new ways to entertain my 15 month old son (which isn't always easy) and make family memories.  While flipping through my latest Parents magazine I came across an advertisement for a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Special.  I tore out the page and hung in on our refrigerator so I won't forget (not like I would).  My little man absolutely loves the show!  Now that we have an activity planned, my next task is to come up with a fun dinner and dessert idea to have a little party, and as it turns out,  it looks like I might have some help in that area because they even have recipes and fun printouts for the kiddo's on the website.  I'm so excited for our family fun night!  If you have little ones I encourage you to check it out too!
photo courtesy of dinseychannel.com

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