Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Project: Paint Guest Room

Soooo, our guest bedroom has been painted 3 times already and I haven't been thrilled with any of the colors.  The first color I picked was a purple of sorts and that didn't even make onto a whole wall before I decided it was hideous.  Then there was a moss green that I really liked, just not in that room.  And finally we ended up with a very pale blue, so pale that it sometimes looks white.  I had visions of a pale blue room with glossy black furniture and white bedding...but that never happened and never will.  A few months ago I found some bedding on Amazon.com that I really liked and that's what is in there now.  It doesn't match the wall color whatsoever.  The room looks like a disaster.  So, I'm finally going to paint tn this weekend in hopes of never painting it again.  This time I'm thinking a chocolate brown to warm it up and match the pretty bedding.  I'll wait and post before pics when I show you the after, so I guess that means you'll have to visit my awesome blog again if you want to see how it turns out!

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