Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay...I confess...I didn't get our guest room painted last weekend.  So, even though football season starts this weekend and it's Labor Day, I am planning to tackle that project no matter what.  I can't handle having to walk past and look at such a depressing, sad excuse for a room any longer!  I hope that painting the room helps me to like the bedding a little more.  It's much darker than it looked when I ordered it online, but it is also very soft and cozy.  I guess I'll know once the room is painted.  Ugh! 

Oh, on a side note...I got my new 2011 IKEA catalog in the mail yesterday.  They have some great new stuff!  I just wish we had one close.  I have to drive to Minneapolis if I want to shop there.  Why don't they have online shopping on all their products...
How do you like all the juice stains on my couch from a certain little boy?!


  1. We have an Ikea about an hour from me. What if I told you I haven't even been there yet? LOL I want to so bad. Hopped over from Sassy Sites.

  2. Thanks for joining our blog party over at Sassy Sites! I always love to see the fun blogs and cute stuff that everyone is working on! Come back next Friday... xoxo