Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Show & Tell: Ghostly Pumpkin

Last fall my hubby, little man and I went on a pumpkin hunt one Sunday afternoon.  We were driving back and forth on a highway outside of town in search of a pumpkin farm called Poverty Hills.  They were having an end of the season pumpkin sale.  Long story short, it took forever to find the place, but once we did, we found the coolest looking pumpkins I had ever seen.  They're white and are in the shape of ghosts!  So odd!  Anyway, I heard that the farm was delivering more pumpkins again this year to the most adorable local shop in Elkhorn, Nebraska called the Whistle Stop. (If you live in the area you have to check it out!)  They were having an open house last Thurs-Sat, so I took my mom with me to get another one of these cuter than cute pumpkins.  Here it is!
Isn't it so adorable?!  It's now at home on the shelf in our living room.
I think I might save some seeds from this one and try to grow my own next year...I'm gonna need a much bigger yard for all of the pumpkins I want to start growing!

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  1. That is one awesome pumpkin! We have a few pumpkin farms nearby and now I'll definitely be on the lookout for the ghostly variety. Yet another reason to love fall!