Monday, September 27, 2010

Meaningful Memento=Artwork

My sweet hubby got a very meaningful fortune from his fortune cookie a few months ago.  Since then it's been hanging on our fridge, so we could see it everyday.  Well, since it's so important to him, I thought it should be framed and placed someplace he can see it all day long as inspiration.  Just another great idea from my favorite designer, Nate Berkus.  He always talks about how you should frame mementos that have special meaning or importance, and I couldn't agree more!

So, I found a small black frame that I had shoved in a drawer, you know, one of those $.99 frames from Michael's.  Then I grabbed some appropriate scrapbook paper to use as a backdrop and some double sided tape.

The frame

The scrapbook paper, scissors and the insert from the frame so I could use it a a guide to cut the paper.  Once the paper was cut, all I did was stick some double sided tape to the back of the fortune and center it on the paper.

And here it is all put together!
If you can't see it, it says "You will soon embark on a business venture".  It's perfect for him because he is hoping/planning to start a new business in January.  Now he can be reminded and inspired all day long once he puts this on his desk at work! 

A meaningful and completely free piece of artwork...if you don't count the Chinese food we had to eat to get the fortune!

P.S.  He loved it!

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