Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Simple: Halloween Craft

I'm already getting into the Halloween spirit, as are most of the bloggers out there that I follow.  I've been seeing some great projects that I can't wait to make!  So many talented women out there!  Well I decided to start with something super easy myself.  We have a lot of left over plywood from our kitchen floor redo, so I picked a small piece and painted my own little sign to set up on our coat rack in the entryway. 

This is what I used:
Just some black, orange and white acrylic paint and some glitter spray.

Then I just painted everything free hand so that it would look kid-like and fun.  Once the paint was dry, I took it outside and sprayed with the the glitter spray to give it some much needed sparkle!
It was so easy and free because I already had all of the supplies! 

The finished project:

Not fancy, but cute, simple and free!  We have a lot more plywood, so I may make another one to sit next to this one.

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